A Girl Called Instagram

She caught my eye…

She was very captivating, and despite my wife’s objections of  spending too much time with this new fling, I kept on flirting with her for a good 2-3 months.  Heck I’d even flirt with her on my iPhone late at night before going to bed!

I mean who wouldn’t want to spend time with a person who was so popular and easy to get a long with. She very good-looking to boot and seemed to have a new look every day. I thought maybe if I was in her social circle I could get a lot more friends too.

There was a lot of instant gratification in the time spent with her. I’d post a bunch of pictures and in just a matter of a few hours… Poof!!! I had 2 more followers who were posting comments and saying they liked my photos. Instant feedback! It felt so good! I felt like the work I put into taking photos was being appreciated by so many more people. And that’s where this new companion of mine was just awesome.


But as time passed, it seemed that her beauty and popularity was only skin deep and getting shallower by the day.  In fact, in a few months time I was already bored. I had already forgotten her number -i.e .my password to login – and haven’t called her since.

She just wasn’t that smart…

I mean, the first thing I noticed was that the photos I uploaded were not only constrained by size, but also were being compressed so that the images became more pixellated and grainier.  This was even after Instagram updated her wardrobe to include higher quality filters and images.  Even though it made sense to me why ‘she’ downgraded everything I gave her, it began to turn me off slowly at first, but then completely a few weeks later.  I mean, I’m putting in so much work and for what?  She never once reciprocated the attention I gave her!

The second was that much of the company that she kept, was let’s say, the seedy type.  There were a lot of good photographers (although limited by the medium).  But there were way too many people posting let’s say meaningless or very shallow pictures.  It very much devalued the work of others that were much better.  Furthermore, she wasn’t exactly the well-read type.   I think pictures with text can provide so much more color and context.  She didn’t read and neither did a lot of her friends.

I don’t think I will ever see her again.  Even if she does give me a call and clean up a bit.  She just got married to this new guy.  I think his name is Faisal Booker or something like that.  I’ve met this guy before and he is a piece of work.  He keeps on telling her what to do and has this new-found control of everything she does.  He’s completely in it for the money and as such, I really can’t trust him with information I was giving to Instagram.  I mean for one, he was threatening to say he was going to own all the information I gave to her!  I mean what the hell?!  He’s since redacted that comment, but we’ve all seen his true colors now.

I can’t blame her for marrying this guy though.  She did get a fantastic dowry of about $1 billion.  Many get married for a lot less.  I doubt many could pass that up.

All in all, although I’ll never see her again, I do partially credit her with opening me up a little bit more.  I wouldn’t be trying out blogging and sharing photos with complete strangers.  For that I’m grateful.

Photo:  One I shared with Instagram

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