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As awesome as I want my journey for awesome photos to be, I think it will pale in comparison to my sister’s and her boyfriend’s journey.  This is only my sixth post and a little bit earlier to already be talking about other people’s photos, but I figure, if you don’t like this blog, maybe you’ll like this one.  Plus if I can’t help my sister get a few more readers, who can I really help?  Okay my 10 followers as of today, take a look at:

Their journey so far as of today.


Seriously I think you’ll enjoy this one

It means “They go in a van” in Spanglish.  They are taking over a year-long journey in a Volkwagen Westfalia van and left my house in September of 2012 in Northern California and plan to traverse Latin America, into South America and end in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  They are both seasoned photographers, whose photos have a lot of context and tell a story.

Although both of us were raised in the same house and afflicted by the traveling bug, genetically inherited from our parents, my sister is very different from me.   While I have a corporate job, live in a house, and have a few pets including my wife, my sister has put down few roots in a single place.  She is very well-traveled spending a few months in one location, packing up and moving to another location.  She is a journalist/writer and it helps to be mobile.

She found the perfect traveling companion.  Two actually.  Her boyfriend, a fellow traveller who loves the road.  He’s also a photographic nut, but I’ve learned a lot of his experience and wealth of knowledge, so I’m not going to make fun of him too much in this post.  (Plus my sister seems to like him) They decided to take an extended leave of absence from their jobs and live out of their van for this excursion.  (I don’t know if I can live without the comfort of a hot shower and air-conditioned room with a foam mattress for more than 2 days.  But I’ll be the last to say that I’m a tough guy.)  The second companion is Milo, who they literally adopted the week before they left on the trip.  You know how they show pictures of owners with their dogs and they look alike?  That’s the case here.  (I’m talking about the boyfriend, not my sister).  They were amazed that the adoption agency agreed so quickly to getting the dog, but I have to give the agency credit.  They also saw the awesome potential of the trip for Milo.

They are already 4 months into their journey.  Still in Mexico, but by getting their van stuck on a dirt roads,  seeing people get their cars blessed from priests, getting the amoebas, and looking up at 100s of dogs on roof tops, I think they are seeing the gems of travel that few people like me see in planes, taxis, and hotel rooms.  And so for their journey, I’ll live vicariously in their blog.


Featured Photo: My sister and her boyfriend in front of their Electric Pony.  Milo not in picture (Not taken by author)

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  1. stephanie January 12, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    We loved seeing you down here! Hopefully we can meet up again further down the road for more photo excursions…and a foam mattress in the Westy sounds like a great idea!

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