Constructed Paradise

I took these a few years ago with my point in shoot for our first real “Do Nothing” Beach Vacation.  Cancun was a stop over for another destination we were heading towards.   While the vacation was pretty nice, I’m think I’m more inclined with active vacations.  These sit by the beach can get boring pretty after a while.

Sensor: Canon Powershot
Location: Le Blanc, Cancun Mexico


Because these were taken with a cheap point and shoot I’ve had to do more post processing than usual (although none use HDR or photoshop).  The amount of noise present on these cameras even at 100 ISO is huge.  Cleaning the noise up gets rid of a lot of definition in the image, but since these are beach images, I can slightly get away with it here.  I took these early in the morning before people started getting out.  The sky was not so bright that I couldn’t get the full range of sky even without a GND and only using a point and shoot.   However one can still see the sun being blown out in the middle.   Compositionally I think it still works, but I would have shot this much better if I had used all the equipment I have now.

Sensor: Canon Powershot
Location: Le Blanc, Cancun Mexico Mexico-2010-0256

A photo has many layers to it.  A point and shoot  can take a good photo at the first layer.  Editting may produce a better image for the second layer.  But with these photos as an example, once you start going 3 levels deep you can see the pixelation, noise, and softness of the photo resulting from the cleaning up of even worst noise that was present.

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