Highly Competitive – Flickr’s 100 Best

Summer Ice MirrorMonsterEnough vs. Wow, monkey!Nuit astrale - lac des ChéserysAngelic SmileThe Beast
Detail no 3, Akerselva, Oslo, Norway.Is that all there is?SimplicityTop speedCows by the fire: Senegal#3960
Gásadalur at duskrainbowself portrait eye#4117Fates... B&WMykines
Sunrise RockLittlethe dreamer traveller...A Spectral Sense of Unfulfilled Promise And MartyrdomAlmost DreamingGreat Bush Cricket Portrait

Today was cool. One of my photos “Summer Ice Mirror” of Eilean Donan successfully challenged a photo on this Flickr group, shown here:


The photographer I usurped was also the person who won the Nat Geo Traveler photo competition earlier this year.  That photo is also shown above at the time of this posting.  You can find that photo here.  I like the serenity of his photos.


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