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Japan Set 3, Nagano – Overnight with Exhaustion & Hunger

Exhaustion had gotten a hold of us in the afternoon the first day off on a long work week and nonstop traveling.   My wife and I had just checked in our luggage for an […]

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Yosemite, Set 1 – Faint Sound of Water

I’ve visited Yosemite a few times already, but I only just figured out how to do it right.  I’ve constantly visited this National Park during the peak hours between 9AM to 4PM.  It’s always been […]

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Equipment Update – F-Stop Tilopa BC

After two trips up and down mountain sides with my Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Satchel Bag, I knew I needed something more designed for long excursions where I wouldn’t get tired as easily or […]

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Napa Valley Set 1, Vine to Barrel

Because I am often the one who brings several bottles of wine to an event, people ask if I am a wine connoisseur.   I tell them if you put my knowledge about wine together […]

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It’s Better Up Here

Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA USA My first time to the Saratoga Mountain Winery.  Very cool and intimate venue for concerts sitting up in the hills of Silicon Valley with wine and […]

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10 Shades of Gray

Another story of a lady in my travels.  She was very hard to find, but eventually I found her online.  She definitely had expensive tastes and had the accessories to prove it.   She was […]

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Macaques, Monkeys! Set 2 – Little Ones

A compilation of small cute Macaques!  Not many words on this post. Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Yamanouchi, Japan Hanging out! Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Yamanouchi, Japan Who me? Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Yamanouchi, Japan Beyond […]

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