10 Shades of Gray

Another story of a lady in my travels.  She was very hard to find, but eventually I found her online.  She definitely had expensive tastes and had the accessories to prove it.   She was dark mysterious, but also had sense of fragility.   Seeing her in person for the first time, she had a steely blue gaze that needed to be warmed up.  She’s not the spontaneous type, rather you have to be deliberate and plan ahead with her.  I found she preferred a sturdy operator that spent their time with her.    Nevertheless she wouldn’t respond immediately, even after pushing all the right buttons.  But I needed her.

Sensor: Canon 6D with Lee Big Stopper – 10ND Filter
Location: Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye, Scotland


I knew I needed to have an multi stop ND filter.  I found the Lee Big Stopper Filter online after quite a bit of searching.  All the stores were completely out, and I had to find one on eBay at a slight premium.  This filter has to be used with other gear, the Lee Filter Holder and have the correct lens rings to attached to it .  The Big Stopper is a 10 Stop filter made of glass, so it has to be handled carefully.  These filters have adds a bluish cast that needs to be compensated for either in camera or in post processing.  Using it requires planning, a tripod, and careful composition as you cannot see through the filter.  Using this filter effectively means much longer exposure times of 10 seconds and up to a few minutes.  It’s an essential piece for landscape photography.

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