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As I write this posting, I’m reminded of one scene in the US hit show, “The Office” where Ryan tries to impress Jim Halpert about all the wonderful aspects of having spent a few months […]

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Sleeping on Ice

I will come right out and say it – I wanted the bragging rights.   If I was going to come all the way down here, then there was no way I was missing out […]

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Among Utter Vastness

Cold frostbite… Pristine air Icy desert… Abundant wildlife Remote rock… Peaceful solitude Disconnected…Reflection Alone… Utter vastness Every attribute has its own opposing trait that is equaling compelling to some.  I can only imagine the different thoughts […]

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Do You Love Penguins?

“No one has ever met a penguin they did not like.”  Frank Todd, Our Penguin Expert If you weren’t interested, indifferent, or didn’t like penguins before this trip, I’m almost certain that you have never […]

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It Begins at the End of the World

Just starting the journey to the 7th continent is a journey in itself.  Most of the ships traveling there start from the Southern tip of Argentina from a town called Ushuaia which used to be […]

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Antarctica Dreaming…

“One does not simply go to Antarctica.  One dreams of going to Antarctica.” Anonymous Traveller Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Mikkelsen Harbor, Antarctica To be honest, I did not have this dream until fairly recently.  It was […]

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