BMW European Delivery

As of December 2013

If you are in the market for a new car and BMW is a brand that you would consider.  I would highly recommend that you consider the BMW European Delivery Program.  The program offers the ability to purchase your BMW and pick it up in Munich Germany and use the car as your transportation.   You then drop off the car a designated spot and pick up your vehicle at your Dealership about 6 to 12 weeks later  Several European car companies offer such a program but BMW I believe has the most comprehensive program.  It offers much better discounts, offers many drop off locations, and great insurance coverage.  It was a great experience for my wife and I with the unique experience of driving a quality car on great German and Swiss roads.

Discounts – Savings of up to additional 7% can be received on top of any other incentives you would get at a North American Dealership can be obtained in this program.   More than any other major European car brand.  This discount is on top of any incentives and discounts that you would receive from the manufacturer.  European Delivery Invoice Pricing is 7% lower than North American Invoice Pricing, so start with that in mind as you factor in the savings you can get.  You may have to try several dealerships.   Depending on the model of car you purchase, savings can completely offset more than a week of vacation time puttering around Germany .

Drop Off Locations – When you are done with your trip you can drop of your car at a number of locations throughout Europe including cities in Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, and even Italy (although Italy is not recommended)

Insurance Coverage – Insurance coverage is probably better than what you would get at home.  Standard coverage covers about 2-3 weeks worth of driving and you can purchase additional months of coverage if you wish.  Coverage is so good that at the time of this writing, if you get into an accident and total the car, BMW will give you a new car.  Furthermore if you get any damage to your car, when the car is delivered to your dealership in the US, it will be completely fixed when it reaches there.  Even minor cosmetic damage such as wheel rash will be fixed.

Common Questions:
How is shipping of the car handled and how much does it cost?
Shipping is completely handled by BMW and they will tell you everything you need to do.  Cost of shipping is already included in the price of the car and does not cost anything extra.  This is what the Destination Charge of just under $700 covers when you purchase any BMW.  If the ship sinks, or damages your car beyond repair you will get a new car.

Can I get any car delivered in Europe?
The only cars that you can get under the European Delivery Program Benefits are the cars that are produced in Europe.  This excludes the X3, X5, and X6 SUVs that are produced in the US.

Will the car be configured of Europe?
The car is specified for the North American Market and will be configured this way.   Options only offered in Europe will not be available for your car.  However BMW will outfit the Navigation System for European Maps.   They will also outfit the car with special license plates.

Can leased cars be delivered in Europe?