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Bhutan Set 2, Tiger’s Nest

The iconic picture of Bhutan. Sensor: Panasonic DMC-LX3 Location: Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan Took this photo on the third day of our trip to Bhutan, located near Paro.  It took more than two hours to get from […]

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Mexico Set 2, Two Times To Tulum

My father, mother, sister, brother and I  make it a point to all get together as many times as we can.  This past New Year’s, it was a little bit more challenging since my sister is […]

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Macaques, Monkys! Set 1

A friend of mine had taken photos of Snow Monkeys, the Japanese Macaques that bathe in the hot springs near Nagano a few years ago.  It inspired me to make sure I made the trip.  […]

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The Annoying Photographer

It’s usually someone you know… And really, that just makes it 10 times worse. Husband, Wife, Partner, Friend, Mom, Dad, Uncle.  Any one of these photographers you know?  Maybe its you. Who wouldn’t get annoyed […]

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Mexico Set 1, Sunrise & Moonrise

Sometimes I’ll surprise even myself.  I’ve never been a particularly early riser.  But when I get excited or stressed out, with some will power, I can get up before the sun rises.  And in this specific […]

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Switzerland Set 1, Mountains

This is my ninth post, and I’ve only posted 1 photo that’s been taken by a DSLR.  All the rest have been taken by point and shoots or even iPhones / iPads.  Hopefully you didn’t […]

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Bhutan Set 1, 1st Day

Now that I’ve gotten a few introductory posts as anchors to this blog, I plan to devote most of the blog to photo blogging.  I’m not sure if I’ll do 1, 2, or 3-5 photos […]

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Sister Blog

The Sister Blog is my Sister’s Blog As awesome as I want my journey for awesome photos to be, I think it will pale in comparison to my sister’s and her boyfriend’s journey.  This is […]

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A Girl Called Instagram

She caught my eye… She was very captivating, and despite my wife’s objections of  spending too much time with this new fling, I kept on flirting with her for a good 2-3 months.  Heck I’d […]

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Cloudy & Raining

Out of control I would have thought that landscape photography would be the easiest.  I mean the things that I shoot don’t move and are really big.  Maybe it is one of the easier types, […]

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