Photography – Why Now?

My interest in photography was zero… at least for two decades.


I seem to have a lot of expensive hobbies I can’t afford.  Photography just wasn’t one of them.

There are so many others that were much better at taking great photos and have more artistic talent in their left toe than I have in my brain that I gave it up in college.   The way I saw it, I’ll just let others do the photography work for me and view their work later.  Who cares who took it?  It took me years to realize, I don’t think I have more than a few photos in my possession.  I was also amazed (and a little envious) of family and friends who had scores of photos they had – all of them taken themselves.  An inner voice said to me “Better make up for 20 years of lost photographic moments!”

My main interest lies in taking high quality photos of the travels and adventures that I have the opportunity to take.  But man, it’s hard.   You have to carry heavy equipment around with you on the off chance that you’ll see something worth taking, in the car, on the plane, hiking.  I literally must take 1000 photos to find one that’s useable.   My time return on investment time wise on a shot that takes me 1/60th of a second must be .00001%.  People get fired for results like that.  But once I get that great shot, I’m like “Why can’t I do this more often?”

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Getting older, I have a limited time to get things right.   I only so much time to devote to this endeavor.  Whatever I spend time on, I better learn quickly, and modify my actions if I make mistakes.   Otherwise I’m going to waste a lot of time.

I’ll go out on a limb here – it’s the one of the premises of this blog- if we could shoot a greater portion of photos to be high quality, we would shoot more often.

This blog is my journey to get better.

Help me, and hopefully this blog will help others too.

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