The Point and Shoots

My first time was with a beautiful and sexy one…

She just had an IQ of a housefly of around 2.  I’m talking about digital cameras. Image quality of 2MP was what my Canon Digital ELPH had back around ~2001.

So I never shot anything when~2MP or lesss was the norm.  I traveled quite a bit and didn’t snap a single photo.  Some pretty exotic places too.  One would think I would have taken a few pictures of ancient Egypt and animals in the Serengeti.  Not a single one I can remember, much less find.

To be fair, I would have had to take pictures with a film camera to get any quality out of it.  When I look back at film compared to digital, I’m like… “What a !#$# hassle!”  How many rolls did I take at 100 ISO with 800 film?  How long do I have to wait to see only one of my snapped photos?  Even though shooting is hard now, I would have considered it a nightmare in hell before.

So it was a big deal when I brought one of the first point and shoots with me.  A Canon Powershot back in ~2007.   At 5MP this one was passable at taking quality photos.  I didn’t even buy it, my dad got it for me and said for me to use it.


I got lucky a few times.  My wife probably helped.

Come to think of it, I don’t even know if I or my wife took some of the shots I liked the most from our first trips with that camera.  It doesn’t matter really.  What matters is those few shots were the jumping point for more photos.  If I didn’t have a few good shots from that first time, I probably would’ve given up right there.

We also solely used our iPhones on a few trips.  Despite its short comings as a camera it does have a good enough resolution.  I have quite a few photos that are ones I consider my in my top batch with it.

My brother also gave me his 10MP Lumix Point and Shoot.  That was probably my biggest jump in optical quality right there.  The pretty good lens, resolution, and ability to shoot in RAW really opened my eyes.

The sheer speed at technology improvements and at lower costs for consumer cameras, and other tools and equipment has really allowed people like me to have a glimmer of hope to take an awesome photo that a professional or artist would be proud to have.  But a pro I thinks knows how to maximize his chances of taking another one, or can look at a location and know how to compose a scene properly.

I seem to just take a bunch of photos and pray…

Point and Shoot or Crap Shoot?

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