The Annoying Photographer


It’s usually someone you know…

And really, that just makes it 10 times worse.

Husband, Wife, Partner, Friend, Mom, Dad, Uncle.  Any one of these photographers you know?  Maybe its you.

Who wouldn’t get annoyed when:

    1. your partner would rather see the world through a peep hole, or worse through a 3″ LCD display, than what’s right in front of them.
    2. you hear, “Honey, can you please hold this?”
    3. the photographer says “this is the last shot,” … 15 times.  Yeah, it’s usually mom or dad.
    4. your husband takes more photography equipment than clothes on trips.  In my mom’s husband’s case, it’s more photography equipment than the golf clubs he is also bringing.
    5. your wife plans trips around photography shooting sessions.
    6. your parents stick out like tourists, not only having the big honking DSLR camera around your neck, but taking pictures of everything in sight.  Their clothing choice is just the icing on the cake.  The beige camera vest.  Beige cargo pants.
    7. the paparazzi take your photo on a bad hair day, or on a hung over morning.  (For that one celebrity reading my post)
    8. your friend took that picture of you on Facebook.  “Weren’t you supposed to working on that overseas business trip?”
    9. that photo when your were little on the toilet? It’s on the internet courtesy of Uncle John.  It’s not the cute photo either.
    10. <insert your annoyance here in the comment section>

S_Lim_2013_06009I even find other photographers who are not related to me also very annoying.  I’m not being hypocritical.  I would find myself annoying…if I wasn’t myself.  And if you are that photographer, well now you know.  You too are annoying.

Hey but at least we’re not videographers.   That would just be messed up.

About the photos:

All these photos of my wife were preceded with lots of:
“Are we done yet?”
“You want me to do what?”
<eye rolls>
To my wife – Thank you for being patient with me.

<May not be posting until February 17th>

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  1. John Love October 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    I really enjoyed this article. I’ve read it several times. A lot of it reflects the comments expressed by my family. I’m not a professional photographer. Just enjoy nature and people.

    Also, thanks thanks for following Tricia Arifin. I’ve added her blog to my regular online sites.

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