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Scotland Set 3, Eilean Donan

This is how I envisioned a castle when I was younger… Growing up as kid, I had such a fascination with knights, armor, horses, swords, and most of all castles.  Specifically the feudal period of […]

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Clear Tunnel Vision

Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Tunnel View, Yosemite, CA Took my nephews and other relatives for a short trip to Yosemite this past weekend.  They had never been, and despite me living less than four hours […]

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Scotland Set 2, On the Road

Traveling rarely goes without a hitch.   These hitches are particularly troublesome if one tries to do a lot of different things in a short period of time.  I had travelled to Scotland to play […]

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Looking for Work

Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Rutherford, CA There is something about old machinery in good condition that stops me in my tracks.   Its like a photo or snap shot in time.  But the difference is, […]

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Scotland Set 1, All-In-One

I had been planning to go to Scotland for over a year. It was primarily going to be a golfing trip and an opportunity to play at some great golf courses such as Muirfield, about […]

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Small Sake Server

Sensor: 6D Location: Nagano, Japan Small Sake Server, a photo by stephentlim on Flickr. Sorry I have not posted in a while. Will post again soon. I have been busy at work and no time […]

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