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Taipei Glow

Sensor:  Canon 1D mkii Location: Taipei, Taiwan Took this shot early in the morning on the first night we were in Taipei last year.  I was jet lagged so just kept on looking out the […]

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Japan Set 2, Fujisan

Sometimes I just to have to accept things and move on… There are quite a few majestic lone mountains/volcanoes all around the world, Kilimanjaro, Matterhorn, St. Helens, but there is something about Mt. Fuji that […]

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Highly Competitive – Flickr’s 100 Best

Highly Competitive – Flickr’s 100 Best, a group on Flickr. Today was cool. One of my photos “Summer Ice Mirror” of Eilean Donan successfully challenged a photo on this Flickr group, shown here: The […]

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Constructed Paradise

I took these a few years ago with my point in shoot for our first real “Do Nothing” Beach Vacation.  Cancun was a stop over for another destination we were heading towards.   While the […]

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Mexico Set 3, Everclear

Geez!  I still haven’t finished posting all my photos from earlier in the year.  Thought I might go back to them… It’s amazing how clear  lakes and oceans can be.   I took both of […]

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Scotland Set 4, Old Man in the Skye

The Isle of Skye…  It’s a location that inspires one to be a photographer.  It’s a reason one would cut short a perfectly nice stay in Edinburgh to make way for a trip up to […]

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Scottish Charm

All places have their little quirks.  One quirk I found in Scotland were that some pubs and food establishments had signs outside that said “Food all day,” near Dornie, and Ft. William.  Curious, hungry, and […]

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Hazy Day? Aim Low

Sensor: Canon 6D Location: Chicago Botanical Gardens, IL USA We went to the Botanical Gardens in Chicago  for a few hours before my flight back to SFO.  It was a hazy July day which forced me to […]

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