Scottish Charm

All places have their little quirks.  One quirk I found in Scotland were that some pubs and food establishments had signs outside that said “Food all day,” near Dornie, and Ft. William.  Curious, hungry, and lacking of obvious of alternatives, we stepped into the first.  There wasn’t a single person in the restaurant.  Later in the evening we stopped by for dinner, and the lady manning the beer taps looked us up and down and asked us “Are you here for food? Well we’re not serving food today, so you’ll have to go a few doors down.”   Needless to say we avoided the places that said “Food all day” after that.  It was pretty funny.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Invergarry, Scotland


At the other end of the spectrum, my wife and I really enjoyed our stay at Invergarry Castle.
There is a certain hospitality and charm in this part of the world that really makes all the difference.  Afternoon tea, Marmite, single malt scotch, and a  proper Scottish/English breakfast and dinner in mid 19th century decor the night we stayed there reminded me that some quirks are the best and can’t be found anywhere else.

These two photos and were taken outside the castle- quite peaceful with pet sheep roaming the landscape.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Invergarry Castle, Invergarry, Scotland


Both pictures above were using the 24mm TSE 3.5 L ii lens.

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