Seattle Set 2, 10 Feet Under

Finished work earlier than expected one afternoon in Seattle and decided to take the Underground tour.  It was referred to me by a friend at dinner a few nights prior.  Apparently because of sewage and  drainage problems, the city of Seattle after a huge fire wiped out downtown, decided to rebuild the city at a higher level.  There are still some nooks and crannies around the city where one can see the remnants of the old.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Seattle WA

Caption:  Sam’s place has been relocated since it has better lighting here.


24mm, f5.0, 6 sec, 100 ISO

I was the only person with a tripod in there, and I was always straggling behind in order to not disrupt the rest of the tour.  I felt like a dweeb at the beginning, but said “what the hell, we’re all pretty much tourists down here.”  Since I don’t use flash generally, the tripod was essential.

Since we were going to be confined in close quarters, I would need a wide angle lens.  Additionally, since there was  going to be a lot of parallel and perpendicular angles, I also knew that a tilt shift lens would be great here.  It just so happens that I do indeed have one of those!  Both these shots were taken with the TSE 24 mk ii L.   The combination of the two allowed me to get good quality low noise images and minimal distortion.

Sensor: Canon 6D
Location: Seattle WA

Caption:  I’m in the process of redecorating, don’t mind the mess.


24mm, f9.0, 15 sec, 100 ISO

I have  a few other images as well, but haven’t had time to process them yet.

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