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Memorial day weekend at Antelope Canyon was a zoo.  Extremely difficult to take photos with hundreds of people crowded into the narrow crevice like cattle. But I knew later on that night I was going […]

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Zion Subway

We had planned for a 6 hour hike.  It took us 12 hours. There was no marked trail for the subway, no official map provided by the National Park Service.  All we had were some […]

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Standing in the parking lot as the night started masking any trace of the sun, I discussed the situation with my buddy Manu. “Should we call it,” one of us asked?  “I don’t know, what […]

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Monument Valley

We hadn’t planned to go to Monument Valley.  It was an extra 4 hour drive that we did not want to make on our way from Phoenix to Page Arizona to visit the slot canyons the […]

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A Weighted Effort

I don’t like hiking for it’s own sake.  Hiking is just walking, just not on a uniform surface. On the occasions that I get asked to go hiking in the Bay Area of California, I usually […]

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Big Sur

It’s been a while since my last post, but it doesn’t mean I’ve been idle.  I’ve still got a lot of photos I’ve yet to post, and been busy taking new ones locally around northern […]

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Seattle Set 2, 10 Feet Under

Finished work earlier than expected one afternoon in Seattle and decided to take the Underground tour.  It was referred to me by a friend at dinner a few nights prior.  Apparently because of sewage and […]

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Seattle Set 1, Sunset on a Needle

I had high expectations for this weekend which were subsequently disappointed.  It was then followed by an offering of hope which was subsequently squashed.  Admitting defeat I headed to Seattle. With a weekend free in […]

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Out of My Comfort Zone

I like the idea of boats.  The romanticism of being free and outdoors entices me.  Maybe even the association of luxury allures me.   People tell me how excited they are to be embarking on […]

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Yosemite, Set 1 – Faint Sound of Water

I’ve visited Yosemite a few times already, but I only just figured out how to do it right.  I’ve constantly visited this National Park during the peak hours between 9AM to 4PM.  It’s always been […]

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