in the bag

I do my best to keep up with the latest full frame 35mm sensors and high quality glass optics.  Cost of equipment is  usually not an issue, however the quality and weight of the equipment I carry into the field is a constant tradeoff.  Carry too much weight and it becomes too difficult to get on location.   Carry lighter equipment or not enough and it may not be able to maximize the quality of your photo.  My default lenses are high quality primes.

Some current tools of the trade:


40lbs of gear also provides stability at – 5AM in Avignon


  • Sony A7R4 and A7R3
  • Canon 5DSR

Prime Glass

  • Zeiss ZE f2.8 21
  • Zeiss ZE f1.4 85 Milvus
  • Zeiss ZE f2.0 135
  • Sigma EF f1.4 20 Art DG
  • Sigma FE f1.2 35 Art DG
  • Sigma EF f1.4 50 Art DG
  • Samyang f2.8 14

Zoom Glass

  • Sony FE GM f2.8 24-70
  • Canon EF f4.0L 24-105
  • Canon EF f2.8L 70-200 ii
  • Canon EF f4.5-5.6L 100-400 ii



Choosing the right gear critical for remote areas – Antarctica Peninsula

  • Zeiss 58mm Circular Polarizer
  • Hoya 77mm Circular Polarizer
  • B+W 77mm Vario ND
  • B+W 77mm Circular Polarizer KSM
  • B+W 105mm Circular Polarizer KSM
  • Lee 100mm 3.0 ND Big Stopper


  • Really Right Stuff TVC-34 tripod + Leveling
  • Really Right Stuff PG-02 Pano Head/Gimbal
  • Really Right Stuff PG-01 Pano Head
  • Really Right Stuff Nodal Rails
  • Really Right Stuff Arca Plates and Feet
  • Really Right Stuff TFA-01 tripod
  • Gitzo GT 1542T tripod
  • Peak Design Capture Clips v3
  • Acratech GPss Ball Head
  • Wimberly Sidekick Gimbal Head
  • Triggertrap and other remote shutters
  • Rice and Bean Bags


    My gear likes being in front of the camera too – St. Paul


  • Macbook Pro Retina 15 with Adobe Cloud
  • Canon Pixma PRO-1
  • X-rite Colormunki Display Colorimeter


  • Tenba DNA 15 Slim
  • Thinktank International
  • F-Stop Tilopa hiking bag